Our reading is coming together beautifully – do not miss this unique experience and tiny glimpse behind the curtain of musical theatre development.

Performances will begin this Sunday – playing for a very limited and exclusive period:

Sunday July 4th. @ 16.00 – buy tickets

Monday July 5th. @16.00 – buy tickets

Tuesday July 6th. @16.00 – buy tickets

Tuesday July 6th. @20.00 – buy tickets


Finally today, we’ll be moving into our performance space…very exciting! Check out the amazing LED screen in the middle….spectacular!

This one might be a bit too short, though?!

From left to right it’s Mads(bookwriter) and John(music/lyrics) talking Esaura during a small break!

Rehearsals are continuing, today we were joined by our MD, Mr. Joel Fram, it’s sounding amazing…! (I’m writing that, since of course you can’t hear it…you’ll have to join us in the beginning of July to fully get a sense of it – it’s going to be worth the trip, I’m sure!)

Today June 17th. Rehearsals for the musical Esaura has begun. Artistic director Søren Møller, welcomed the cast along with composer/lyricist John Bucchino – nice energy in the rehearsal room, as the music is being rehearsed! Excitement Galore!