The 2nd act of the new musical ESAURA is now in the works. Well, to be honest is has been for a while, but now a workshop has been planned to.
In the first two weeks of August the main part of the original first act-cast will meet up in Fredericia to workshop the script for the second act of this sparkling new musical, which is a collaboration between composer/lyricist John Bucchino(US) and bookwriter Mads Æbeløe(DK)
We will announce more later.


Uterus – the Danish New Works Development Centre for musicals is of course on both Facebook and Twitter – come join us today:

As the summer – or at least the holiday part of it – is beginning to come to an end, we thought it might be about time you saw a few shots from the performance of ESAURA’s first act – well the reading of it, though dare I say, pretty well staged – we certainly hope to share more of this wonderful story with you in the future!

Thank you, to all who came to support us and have a look at this new project. The stage has been taken down again – for now – but we hope to see you for more ESAURA in the future!

We will keep updating the blog, as soon as anything happens – we might even find a pic or two from the first reading to upload here. xoxo!

This is Esaura asking her father, Abraham, about her mother, whom she’s never met!

Yay – yet another teaser!

Check this out!